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OY FORCIT AB is a Finnish company which operates in the chemical sector. Forcit develops, manufactures, and sells explosives, mainly on the Nordic market. Special products are also exported to markets outside the Nordic countries. Forcit, which also offers consultation and training, is regarded as a competent and reliable actor.

The parent company of the group is OY FORCIT AB. The operation is divided into three business areas: Forcit Explosives, Forcit Defence and Forcit Consulting. Forcit Explosives serves the civil explosive industry, while Forcit Defence serves the Defence Forces and produces defence products. Forcit Consulting serves the explosives users by providing them with measurement, control, planning and training services. The group comprises the subsidiaries Forcit Sweden AB, Forcit Norway AS, Forcit International Oy, Oy Finnrock Ab, Bergsäker AB, Bergcon AS and Forcit International Ltd,. Parts of the group are also the associated companies Suomen Tärinämittaus Oy and Vipnordic AB.

The Chairman of the Board is Mr. Lauri Stadigh and the Managing Director is Mr. Joakim Westerlund. The group employs approximately 360 people.

Forcit’s turnover in 2018 was ca. 107 million euros.

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