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Varsinais-Suomen Räjäytyskonsultit Oy was acquired and merged with Finnrock.

Räjäytyskonsultit Oy was acquired in Finland and BergUtbildarna AB in Sweden.

Bergcon AS was founded in Norway.

The Sunbridge project was executed in cooperation with the consultant firm Mantec to improve the competitiveness of the parent Company.

Forcit Norway AS closes its first supply agreement.


Forcit International was founded and Finnrocks´ business activities were renewed.

Forcit Sweden increased its sales of cartridged explosives and Forcit Norways´ business was prepared for start-up.

Forcit Defence signed a contract with the Finnish Navy for sea mines as a prime contractor with a full system responsibility, and got its first significant international order for Directed Fragmentation Charge from the British army.


Forcit Norway AS was founded.

Forcit Defence establishes an international sales network.

The Enköping and Pajala Kemiittistations were built.


The Boliden agreement enters into force on 1 January 2011.

Northland Resources supply agreement.

Nordic Mines supply agreement.

Extension to the Kemi contract from 2001.

Keski-Suomen Räjähde Oy was sold.


Lapuan Räjähdysainepalvelu Oy was merged with OY FORCIT AB.

Inststo Pauli Nevalainen Oy was merged with Finnrock Oy.

The explosives operations of Keski-Suomen Räjähde Oy was acquired.

The Karlskoga station was commissioned.

The Lyckesele and Gällivare stations were built.


Forcit Sweden AB, daughter company founded in Sweden.

Alkupanos Oy merged with OY FORCIT AB.

OY FORCIT AB gets 100% ownership of Oy Finnrock Ab.


Finndisp sold to Rohm & Haas company to focus Forcit on explosives.

Company acquisitions: Alkupanos Oy, Lapuan Räjähdysainepalvelu Oy and Inststo Pauli Nevalainen.


Talvivaara mining contract: 60,000t of explosives and 1m detonators over 7 years.


Finndisp initiates Russian plant Project.


First “full service” contract made with Kemi mine.


Patria civil explosives division in Vihtavuori acquired to expand the business and the product base into emulsions.


Current name OY FORCIT AB taken into use.


Oy Finnrock Ab was founded.


Polymer emulsion business (”Finndisp”) founded in Hanko.


Relocated to Vaasa due to World War II.


Listed on Helsinki stock Exchange.


”Finska Forcit-Dynamit Aktiebolaget” founded in Hanko.