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We continuously develop our production technology. Co-operation with our customers, sales and marketing personnel, and product development ensure the applicability of the production process for changing customer needs.


At Forcit, the production of explosives is based on our own technology. It means that our processes are tailored for producing our own products, and we are not committed to other manufacturers’ licences. This increases the flexibility of our production. As an example of our own technology, we can mention the Kemiitti vehicles operating throughout Scandinavia and the tunnel charging modules. These technologies are designed by Forcit from start to finish.


Forcit’s production equipment is automated as much as possible. The most important reason for this is the improvement of safety, but automation also removes the possibility for human error, and the personnel has more time for controlling the production quality. This way we can meet the requirements which the challenging excavation sites and the environment set for our products. The authorities and legislation also set requirements for the production and safe usage of explosives.


The Forcit personnel consist of experienced people, as well as new, enthusiastic Forcit employees. We train our personnel regularly. Our personnel are also aware of the end use of the products it produces and can, therefore, pay attention to the essential properties of our products.


Our operation and the manufacturing of our products are defined in quality and operational manuals, on which our everyday work is based. Det Norske Veritas has granted Forcit the ISO 9001 certificate and monitors our operation regularly. The CE compatibility of products manufactured by Forcit is verified by the BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung).